About me

A mother and a teacher. Combining family life with an ongoing exploration of the practices of yoga and mindfulness.

I’ve been practicing hatha yoga since my early twenties. I’ve had the opportunity to study in-depth with a number of highly experienced teachers as well as completing a 2 year BWY accredited teacher training. My yoga practice has been a foundation of support and a space for self enquiry throughout the years.

When I discovered mindfulness practice it woke me up to far greater possibilities within my practice. It has given me the structure and support to work towards better understanding my relationship with myself and others and to bring about real and lasting change where it is needed. The work continues.

I have gone on to qualify as a mindfulness trainer and specialise in facilitating MBSR courses (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction).

In my experience, the transformative effect of yoga is profoundly amplified when mindfulness is an integral part of the practice. This is why I integrate these two complimentary practices in my yoga classes. Find out more about my approach here.

I am particularly interested in how we might use these ancient teachings in a way that is sensitive to the traditions and continues to inspire wholeness and healing for people in the modern world. As a teacher, I also gain insight from scientific evidence-based research within the body-mind field, particularly within neuroscience.


Additional training includes:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills: CPCAB

  • BA(Hons) in Social Psychology: Sussex University

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