Lifting + Floating: The Art of Transitions

triyoga SHOrEDITCH Workshop - friday NOVEMBER 17th 2017 (7.30-9.30pm)

I remember my first Ashtanga class vividly....particularly the point at which the teacher, Nick, instructed everyone to 'lift up and jump back'. I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about - and when he came over to explain the movement to me I was even more nonplussed. Surely this was an impossible ask...try as I might I couldn't get my sit bones more than a fraction of an inch off the floor and there was absolutely no way that my legs were going to get through my arms. Thankfully Nick was a good teacher and over the next weeks he explained the mechanics and principles behind this seemingly impossible movement. Intrigued, I practiced relentlessly for months and little by little the movement began to feel somewhat more possible - although it took many more months of focussed practice before I achieved 'lift off' and many more still before I made it back to chaturanga. 

Since that initial encounter, the 'floating vinyasa' has become an aspect of the practice that l truly love and I've been fortunate enough to practice with many masterful exponents of asana whose grace and control in floating transitions I can only dream of matching. Along the way I've picked up many tips, techniques and practices that can help to develop the strength and control to 'lift up and jump back' or to float from down dog through to a seated position. I'm looking forward to sharing these at my triyoga Shoreditch workshop on 17th November. We'll look at various approaches to each transition (i.e. floating forwards and backwards from both standing and seated positions), progressing from basic options to more challenging variations - there will be options for all levels of experience. 

I'd love to promise that after 2 hours you'll be floating through your practice like David Swenson but unfortunately yoga doesn't really work like that. However I can promise that you'll leave the workshop with an understanding of the techniques behind these movements and with some simple practices that you'll be able to take back to your mat and work with over time...if you stick with them you'll be floating before you know it! 

The workshop is on Friday 17th November 2017, 7.30-9.30pm at triyoga's new Shoreditch studio and is priced at £25. Booking is via the triyoga website.